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Limited Time: Free Shipping On Continental USA Orders

How does ProSolution® Plus work?

We formulated ProSolution® Plus to increase nitric oxide. That helps relax the corpora cavernosum, which are the two long cylindrical chambers in your penis that receive and retain blood. This allows for a larger erection when you want it, and with practice, helps you to keep it when it matters the most.

Studies on the ingredients in ProSolution® Plus confirm they can also lead to frequent and more intense orgasms as well as increased desire and ejaculation control.

We also designed ProSolution® Plus to increase overall sexual health and function. It comes with natural ingredients in the Ayurvedic tradition and Chinese medicine that cumulate and infuse the male reproductive system with wellness and vitality.

As well, ProSolution® Plus is formulated to naturally heighten feelings of pleasure and attraction. It wears several hats, so to speak, with the primary goal of making sex frequent and the thrill it’s supposed to be.